Autism Awareness Marathon

On Saturday, April 6th starting at 10AM Eastern, I will be holding my second Autism Awareness Month Charity Marathon! For 12 hours, you’ll see a collection of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past speedruns, some casual gaming with my son, Joel, and at the end, a Crowd Control race of ALTTP Randomizer hosted by SpeedGaming! The marathon will air on my Twitch channel at, and the Crowd Control race will be hosted by SpeedGaming at

Why am I doing this? Anyone who is a frequent viewer of my channel has probably heard my kids in the background. Joel (my oldest child) in particular loves watching me play video games, as well as playing himself, and occasionally even streams with me. Joel was diagnosed in 2017 with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD.) ASD conditions present a wide and varied set of challenges in educational and social settings, as well as in everyday life. It is also a condition that has a lot of stigma as people don’t fully understand what it is to have an ASD. Luckily, my wife and I are blessed to be in a situation where we can afford the proper resources to assist him. However, there are many families who cannot, and there is still a general lack of knowledge as to what autism really is.

All proceeds from this marathon (as well as all proceeds from my channel year round) go to the Autism Society of Greater Akron! The Autism Society is the leading voice and resource of the entire autism community in education, advocacy, services, research and support. They are committed to meaningful participation and self-determination in all aspects of life for individuals on the autism spectrum and their families. The Autism Society accomplishes its ongoing mission through close collaboration with a successful network of affiliates, members and supporters.

The schedule for the Marathon is:

  • 10:00A – ALTTP All Dungeons
  • 11:40A – ALTTP NoEG
  • 12:20A – Mario Kart w/ Joel
  • 1:00P – ALTTP 100%
  • 3:00P – Joel’s choice!
  • 4:00P – ALTTP NMG
  • 5:40P – Setup for…
  • 6:00P – Crowd Control race!

After the crowd control race, I’ll do another run of either NMG, AD, or NoEG depending how I feel. The stream will wrap up with any money donated during the stream being sent over to the Autism Society! If we hit the $800 goal, I will attempt a one-handed run of ALTTP NMG (with S+Q for convenience) with a special one-handed ASCIIPAD controller. I can’t promise I’ll finish, but I’ll give it at least 3-4 hours of trying.

At the end of the marathon, names of Streamlabs donators from the marathon and the week leading up will be drawn, and in order of drawing, will be able to choose from a collection of prizes, including:

  • The ASCIIPAD one-handed controller I will use for the big donation incentive.
  • An input display of your choosing by Pidgezero_one
  • One emote or layout (4×3 OR 16×9) by Rezephos
  • One sprite-sized perler by Angie_
  • A $25 Amazon gift card
  • A gift subscription to the Twitch channel of your choice (or I will purchase a tier-3 subscription to your channel for a month!)
  • Possibly more if any more are contributed

Thank you for any way you can contribute! Whether you are able to donate a lot or a little, or even those who aren’t in a position to donate but who host, raid, or otherwise spread the word about the marathon, I appreciate it greatly!

A special thanks to Rezephos for providing the layout for this marathon! If you need any work for your channel, graphics/panels/emotes/layouts, Reze is the one for the job!

Thanks also to SpeedGaming and Warp World for taking part via the Crowd Control Race!