The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
Any% (No EG/DG/WW)
TheoryTAS 2018 – “DerpSplice v1.0”
Final Time 26:23

I. Preface
Recently, BluntBunny did an indispensable project for Any% NMG called GodSplice where he used the practice hack from poor_little_pinkus to execute every room on console as best as he could and spliced them all together to give a theoretically best-possible run using RTA viable strats without necessarily getting the best possible RNG. It has become one of the best learning aids for NMG. JoshRTA did something similar previously for All Dungeons NoEG as well, which has proved exceptionally beneficial to those learning that category. I chose to take on a similar project for Any% NoEG/DG/WW, which is my favorite category to run, but has a lack of learning aids. This is done completely on console, by my hand, and spliced together using (of all things) QuickTime.

There are, of course, some silly things that you could go for RTA, but are not necessarily recommended. Bufferless 1-frame tricks such as the DMD mirror wrap and hammerjump, as well as a fast hammerjump, are all RTA viable if you have enough patience and a working reset button. Again, just not recommended, and neither took a particularly long time to get a successful attempt. I also included a few strats that may not necessarily be fastest, but I find them fun so I included them. This includes the Eastern Armos fight with a mid-right setup, as well as the GT Spike Room bow-dash. There are also some rooms that are clearly opting for non-optimal strats, such as Mimics 1. This is, simply, because I lack the skill to execute the optimal strat, so I did as well as I can with the variant I can execute fastest.

I hope this becomes a valuable learning tool for people who want to take the plunge into what I consider a very fun category. It’s fast, it has some fun tricks, and you will come away from it better at Ganon’s Tower and Ganon.

II. Why 1.0?
Quite frankly, I screwed up. I did Ganon’s Tower first because I wanted to do the fun part first, but that means it’s also the worst segment from a production standpoint. Room-times jump around since I didn’t use save-state points to splice, and I forgot to remove sanc heart from my health counter so I magically jump up to 5 hearts a few screens after DMA. Also, I leave Eastern with more arrows than I start Ganon’s Tower with, and I failed to account for that requiring me to grab an arrow pot in Ganon’s Tower. So I’d eventually like to go back and fix the sections where the heart counter and arrow routing is wrong. But that will be in the future, maybe the winter.

III. Special thanks
Of course, huge thanks go to Pinkus/Helgefmi for the practice hack which makes this possible. Thanks to Dom Turchi who did the audio editing. Thanks also to BluntBunny, whose roomsheet I used as the basis for my work on Escape and Eastern, as well as parts of Ganon’s Tower. Thanks also to Greenham and Jake57689 who helped point out rooms that I could execute better or didn’t know the best strat in, and to Fsg112 for help with the Ganon fight.