I consider myself a novice in web development, but I have a few projects that I am proud of.

  • ScreevoCMS – When I first bought this domain name, I was working the afternoon shift at Time Warner. I’d sleep 4AM to noon, work 2PM-10PM, and what was I to do between 10PM and 4AM but teach myself PHP/MySQL? It’s very sloppy and it still runs the archived version of my original site at (lots of broken images and links) but it was very fun to write and I learned a lot.
  • File Uploader (Live Demo) – As part of my job at Premiere Medical Resources, I was asked to teach people how to use FTP to move large files around. Instead of teaching non-technical folks how to use an FTP client, I was granted permission to write this file-upload utility. It is still in use for various business units at Premiere, but I have added some features to this copy I host personally.
  • PatSat Survey (Link coming soon) – Also as part of my job at Premiere, I was tasked with designing a more user-friendly way to send out surveys and gather Patient Satisfaction data. I came up with this PHP/MySQL web app to meet the business requirements and allow for future expansion and easier customization.
  • PadPrint Barcode Parser (Live Demo) – Applied Medical Technology manufactured feeding tubes of varying diameters and sizes. They used a special process to print the measurements on the tubes. Previously, this required hand-sorting the printing plates based on the previous day’s pressing to ensure the printing was in the most efficient order (The printing process was called Pad Printing, hence the name). I developed this tool to accept a series of scanned barcodes of part numbers and compare them to a list of printing plates. It would then present to the printing department a list of the most efficient order to print the parts in based on using all the front side plates in ascending order and rear side plates in descending order (or any other order requested by the printer.)